Italian Science Writers unite to promote a new vision of their profession in Italy

In addition to the usual role as a guide and a “catalyzer” for professionals often working alone, the Association SWIM-SWITY plans to conduct research on science and science writing, in partnership with colleagues and academic institutions in Italy and abroad

Turin (ESOF 2010) – A new Association of Science Writers was launched in the beginning of 2010 in Milan with the goal of becoming a reference for all professionals interested in promoting cooperation and debate within the professional community and with the scientific community – nationally and internationally – and in supporting multidisciplinary research on all aspects of science and science writing.

The association – called “Science Writers in Milan – in Italy”, SWIM-SWITY in short – is currently composed mostly of science reporters, editors, popularizers and writers in general, but is open to all the professionals involved in the communication of science and about science with a critical approach, particularly through the use of all new media.

Among the first accomplishments of SWIM-SWITY are science writing and health writing courses on the basic tools for the critical appraisal of scientific literature, organised on behalf of the Professional Order of Journalists of Lombardy.

The board of SWIM-SWITY – currently composed by science writers Daniela Ovadia, Guido Romeo (Treasurer) and Fabio Turone (President) – is in the process of applying to both EUSJA and WFSJ for affiliation, and is eager to cooperate with all individuals and organizations sharing the same goals, in Italy and all over the world.

Friday, July 2nd, 2010



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4 responses to “Italian Science Writers unite to promote a new vision of their profession in Italy

  1. Excellent idea! When I lived in Italy I tried to join the existing Italian science writers association, but I couldn’t because I was not an accredited journalist in Italy (you had to write for Italian publications to become accredited). The majority of science writers in the US, for example, are not what one would call “accredited” journalist. I’ve been writing for a variety of publications over the last two decades, but never had a press pass.

  2. Thank you Alex!
    If you ever come back to live in Italy we’ll be glad to have you among us.

  3. Anche a me sembra una buona idea. Al giorno d’oggi il giornalismo scientifico si svolge non soltanto nei mezzi tradizionali ma direi che sopratutto sono i nuovi mass media che usano Internet 2.0 quelli che raggiungono un pubblico maggiore. nenache io sono “an accredited journalist” e sono stata membro del Consiglio direttivo dell’Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica per ben 10 anni. Dal 2006 ne sono presidente, anche se per poco, perchè il 22 marzo lascio la presidenza.

    Saluti cari da Barcellona, Mercè Piqueras

    • Grazie Mercè,
      spero di incontrarti il 19 marzo a Budapest, dove presenterò formalmente la candidatura di SWIM a far parte dell’EUSJA, e magari ancora a Milano, a Barcellona o in giro per l’Europa o per il mondo a fare quel che è possibile per migliorare i rapporti e il dialogo tra scienza, media e cittadini.

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