Happy 10th Anniversary to the World Federation of Science Journalists

Ten years ago, in Sao José dos Campos, Brazil, the World Federation of Science Journalists was created and Canadian Véronique Morin was elected its first president. Another ten years earlier, the First World Conference of Science Journalists was held in Tokyo, Japan.

In a series of articles written by some key actors, Véronique Morin remembers the discussions in Brazil that led to WFSJ’s birth; Mariko Takahashi, who was also in Sao José dos Campos, shares her souvenirs about the first World Conference; Arthur Bourne, who masterminded the World Conference and the World Federation, tells about the very first steps taken; Wolfgang Goede compares the situation that existed with what still exists; Jim Cornell puts the World Federation in a broader context; while Jean-Marc Fleury collected the souvenirs of several key actors to describe how each World Conference, beginning with Tokyo in 1992, was another step towards the Sao José dos Campos moment.

Read the whole story on the website of the World Federation!


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