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The influence of the media on neurotechnologies: the swimmer Ovadia on the Neuroethics Blog

This is an excerpt of the invited commentary by Daniela Ovadia published on “The Neuroethics Blog” of the Center for Ethics, Neuroethics Program at Emory University.

Media and social stigma can influence the patient adaptation to neurotechnologies and DBS

By Daniela Ovadia
Daniela Ovadia
 is the co-director of the Neuroscience and Society Lab in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences Department of the University of Pavia and is the scientific director of Agenzia Zoe.

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is one of the oldest neuromodulation techniques; it was approved by the FDA in 1997 for the treatment of essential tremor, and a few years later, in 2002, the indication was extended to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and dystonia (in 2003). In 2009 a new era for DBS started when the FDA also approved it as a therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some patients experienced a very good outcome, while others were less lucky and experienced side effects such as cognitive, behavioral or psychosocial impairments. DBS is now a common procedure for the treatment of many motor and behavioral impairments.

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Lo Swimmer Catanzaro: «Più giornalismo nel giornalismo scientifico!»

Lo Swimmer Michele Catanzaro, che sta trascorrendo alcuni mesi a Heidelberg, in Germania, come “Journalist in residence” presso l’Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) è stato invitato a tenere una lecture sul giornalismo scientifico, che ha deciso di intitolare «Put more Journalism into Science Journalism» («Mettete più giornalismo nel giornalismo scientifico»).
Ecco la registrazione video.

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The 2014 survey «Know Thyself Science Journalist» is now open

science_writers_survey-2014All professionals writing about science – as journalists or communicators – are invited to take part in the 2014 online survey «Know Thyself», that will take just a few minutes and will try to explore with some 20 questiions some issues relevant for science journalism, for science journalists and for the society as a whole.
The results will be compared with those from the 2012 survey promoted by Science Writers in Italy, that got 407 responses from all over the world (the preliminary results from that survey can be accessed online).

Please TAKE THE SURVEY and spread the word among colleagues!

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The Manifesto for the EUSJA Board (by Joost van Kasteren)

In vista delle elezioni per il nuovo consiglio direttivo dell’European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations – in cui il Presidente di SWIM Fabio Turone è candidato come Vice-Presidente insieme al collega Presidente dell’associazione olandese Joost van Kasteren e alla ex Presidente dell’Association of British Science Writers Connie StLouis – è stato lanciato il blog “Science Journalism Europe”, che pubblica i materiali associati alle candidature.Science Journalism Europe


(by Joost van Kasteren, President of the Dutch Association of Science Journalists Wetenschapsjournalisten Nederland)

Changes in the media landscape and in the world of science have driven the re-definition of the role of independent science journalism and its relationship with other forms of (science) communication, such as blogging scientists, press releases from research institutions and companies and websites of patients – and environmental organizations, to name a few.

Media landscape

The media landscape has changed dramatically since the advent of the Internet and it continues to evolve. Blogs, press releases and other kinds of free copy and footage are pushing away classic journalism. Science desks are being minimized and many have disappeared altogether due to budget cuts. Simultaneously, the remuneration of freelance journalists has decreased dramatically. Why pay for a documentary or an article if you can get articles and footage for free from universities or science media centers? Although employment and fees decline, there still is a need for sophisticated journalists to analyze, critique and explain the multitude and diversity of information: Independent observers, who not only translate the results of scientific research but put these also into perspective, keeping in mind the interests and values of their audience.

Science landscape

Science itself has also changed over the last decades, in organization, culture and in application of results. It is no longer the disinterested partner in the search for ‘The Truth’, if it has been the case. With the enormous pressure to publish and the growing entanglement of science and business there are sometimes perverse incentives, which sometimes lead to fraud, but more often to “sloppy research” and results that are not reproducible. Independent science journalists are needed to critically monitor the scientific community and to report about what is going on within that community… (segue/follows)

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The early bird registration for Helsinki WCSJ2013 ends next Friday


(click on the image to go to the registration page)

The Early Bird registration for the WCSJ 2013 conference is still open – for a few days! Hurry up. Please spread the word!

You can, of course, still register for the conference in June, but it will cost you more.

The last day for the Early Bird registration is Friday, 24th of May.

Also please spread the word, you are welcome to join the conference even when you are not a working journalist. We are not closing non-journalists out. We need discussion between the journalists and the people they are working and communicating with.

This is because there has been false information about the non-journalists not being able to participate.

The program is being  finalized and printed. You find most of the program in the internet now.

Come and meet your colleagues from all over the world.

Helsinki WCSJ 2013

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Swim President Fabio Turone interviewed on the L’Aquila trial

Schermata 2013-05-10 a 17.40.28

Click on the image to download the pdf

The latest issue of WPK Quarterly – the newsletter of the German Association of Science Writers WPK – publishes an interview (written in German) to Swim President Fabio Turone, focusing on the complex and controversial court decision that sentenced several Italian scientists  to jail after the L’Aquila earthquake.

«The Italian justice failed», the headline by German science writer Markus Lehmkuhl goes.

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Kudos to Swimmer Sergio Pistoi for the Galileo Award

Congratulations to Swimmer Sergio Pistoi who was awarded yesterday the prestigious science popularization Award “Premio Galileo per la divulgazione scientifica” for his recent book “Il DNA incontra Facebook” (“The DNA meets Facebook”).


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